Innovation Web Management
Site Maintenance
If you already have a website, let Innovation Web Management manage all your updates and additions. We have maintenance plans to meet your needs on a continual basis, or we offer site maintenance as you need the changes.

Domain Registration & Administration
Choosing and securing a domain name can be confusing. Innovation Web Management will answer all of your domain needs and explain how and why a domain name, and even multiple domain names, are essential to a strong presence on the internet.

Once you have established specific business domain name ideas, we begin the process of securing your domain name by checking to see if the domain is available. In addition, we search for other available domains based on your business concept and offer you additional options for further presence on the internet.

Once we locate an available domain(s), we handle the registration process and set you up with one of our effective web hosting solutions.

Web Hosting
In order to maintain a successful website, you must be hosted by a secure and reliable service that allows your website to be seen worldwide by people 24 hours a day. Innovation Web Management offers web hosting, and provides this service as part of a website package or a stand alone service.

Site Analytics
Find out how many visitors are coming to your site, where they are clicking, and what they are searching on to find your services or products.

Innovation Web Management implements a statistics service on your website which produces a tracking method for the number of visitors to your site. This provides a snapshot of how your visitors navigate through your site, and allows you to more accurately target a specific market that has not been captured before, therefore boosting your chances for increased sales and productivity.

Google Analytics tracks all online campaigns, from emails to keywords, regardless of search engine or referral source.